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The Warrior´s Code

Written by: PP on 23/06/2005 03:54:14

For years and years i've heard the Dropkicks this, and the Dropkicks that. I've read tonnes of reviews, heard lots of people praising the band but yet the only album I own by them is their 2003 album "Blackout". So i'm not even going to attempt to judge whether or not this is their best or worst album to date, but rather to review it as an album of its own. I must admit that the super-popular bagpipe punk band from Boston has caught on me with their latest release. "The Warriors Code" is filled with fast melodic punk rock that draws its sound from Irish folk songs, hardcore punk, and of course from the infamous Scottish-Irish bagpipe they use so well to define their harsh, but bright sound. I'm still a little bit confused over how seriously I should take their lyrics, as the album features lighthearted and perhaps a little silly lyrics like in "Captain Kelly's Kitchen", but on the contrary, touching lyrics about very serious matters like war, such as in "The Green Fields Of France". That's all negligible, though, when you remember to keep in mind that their sound is essentially borrowing a lot from Celtic folk songs (:D). It's certainly a refreshing album in comparison of the other pretend-to-be punk scheit coming out these days (Good Charlotte anyone?). So if you're short on money and your choice lies in between The Dropkicks and the newest pop punk band from California, pick The Dropkicks.


Download: Captain Kelly's Kitchen, Take It And Run
For the fans of: Rancid, Flogging Molly

Release date 21.06.2005

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