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Written by: PP on 14/07/2013 19:53:54

When Caleb Shomo (ex-Attack Attack!) is listed as a featured guest ("Undead Anthem"), you know what you're going in for. Fortunately, Tear Out The Heart aren't quite the neoncore electronic mess that they could've been. Instead, they use electronics and synths more as a subtle backing effect than the key instrument in their soundscape that consists of a fusion between post-hardcore and the more extreme corners of metalcore on their new album "Violence".

That being said, it certainly sounds like Tear Out The Heart are in the midst of an identity crisis of sorts. On one hand, they go for brutal breakdowns, deep growls and screams that I usually associate with deathcore bands during many verses, but then almost every song has an instantly catchy clean chorus that pushes the band far into post-hardcore territory, so much so that it's an almost impossible task to recover without sounding like a cut-and-paste band of two different styles. That's essentially my biggest gripe with "Violence" in general, or well, that and the extensive use of one chord 'riffs' behind the growled vocals and usage the dramatic synths to add necessary substance to their sound. Take "Crucified", for instance, which starts off sounding like a proper metalcore track in the vein of August Burns Red, Bring Me The Horizon et cetera with its aggressive tempo and dynamic riffing, but every time the chorus arrives we break out into high pitch croons in the best Rise Records style. Speaking of Rise Records, you can probably name a handful of bands signed to that label that sound more or less like Tear Out The Heart: Of Mice & Men, Memphis May Fire, etc.

"Violence" might not be an original album and it might tick all clichés attached to modern post-hardcore, but at the same time the band have a knack for writing ridiculously catchy choruses that are difficult to deny even as the sharpest critic of the genre. A quick listen to any of the tracks I've mentioned in this review will have you singing, or at least humming along to the super-melodic choruses that stand in deep contrast to the brutal verses song after song. Should your dinner preferably consist of heavy post-hardcore eve each night of the week, then Tear Out The Heart is a fine addition to your collection, even if it isn't the best album we've heard in the genre recently.


Download: Dead By Dawn, Infamous Last Words, Violence
For the fans of: Of Mice & Men, Memphis May Fire, The Devil Wears Prada, In Fear And Faith, Woe Is Me
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Release date 19.03.2013
Victory Records

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