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So, if I were to classify Sulk as a pastiche of The Stone Roses, would I be terribly mistaken? General opinion seems to be no, as the sound of their debut album “Graceless” rings true to their facsimile heroes with the same sort of jangle to it as well as that unmistakable ‘indie’ quality. So what is it then that justifies Sulk’s existence if they are merely repeating a formula that has unmistakably come to be synonymous with The Stone Roses? Well, to begin with I’d say it’s the little things.

As far as albums go, this particular one opens relatively strong with the track “Sleeping Beauty” which has an unmistakably shoe-gaze-y feel to it that both reminds of The Stone Roses as well as bands that are firmly rooted in psychedelia like Technicolor Poets or Spökraket. The chiming guitar figures and the hauntingly reverberating vocals blend together in grandiose unison to provide a collage that essentially screams; “We’ve got indie, we’ve got psych, what’s not to like?”

Well, with the track “Diamonds in Ashes” we’re instantly taken into a slightly more forgettable soundscape wherein the repetitive rhythm patterns and the uninspired vocal melody seems to mush together to form a song that has radio-potential but never really possesses any real substance that would leave a listener hanging on to every second, nor the kind of allure that would keep the listener hanging around for repeated listens.

Then, just when you think you’ve heard the stronger tracks of the album and you’re just waiting for the ‘inevitable’ fade-out of the not so strong tracks, a track like “Wishes” comes along. “Wishes” possesses the same unmistakable swagger as I’d say both defined The Stone Roses and their heirs to the Brit-throne in Oasis. - That unmistakable quality of a band that really is a composite of originality and unmistakably upfront influences. With the simplicity and, dare I say it, hit-potential of “wishes”, due in most part to the rather infectious hook, I’d say that Sulk definitely seem to possess something unique that manages to lift them above the level of avid plagiarizers or, to be more fair, ‘highly inspired’.

In spite of this originality I still don’t feel that Sulk have entirely lived up the hype that seemed to have been generated around them, as they have managed to produce an album that has the same qualities as many others – a selection of strong tracks and inevitable fillers compiled to serve as a rather incoherent, albeit homogenous, listening experience. They’ve got potential though, so let’s see if they can’t conjure up something unmistakably unique and far more interesting next time around.


Download: Wishes, Sleeping Beauty, End Time
For The Fans Of: The Stone Roses, Spökraket, Oasis,

Release Date 15.04.2013
Perfect Sound Forever

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