Bello: Room Service & Soul Collector + Bonus

Written by: PP on 03/04/2007 15:31:11

Did you ever wonder how world's fastest drummer would sound like? Look no further than Danish death metal act Panzerchrist and the reissue of their two classic albums "Bello: Room Service" and "Soul Collector" with two bonus tracks added. The band's drummer Reno Kiilerich has namely been coronated as the fastest one in the entire world, and throughout the recordings it is audible why. Apparently Reno is able to hit 800 blast beats per minute on the drums, and this is evident in his robust and lightning-speed drumming throughout the albums.

You may wonder what kind of band calls themselves Panzerchrist. The controversy surrounding the band has been endless. All their albums have been sold out and it is impossible to find them anywhere, as ill-conceived rumours circulated around the internet saying the band are nazi symphatizers. This put enormous pressure on their label who wasn't able to re-print their records until now, many years after their release. And truly, the band lives up to their name on these rare records. The sounds is monstrously heavy and dense thanks to the 800 beats per minute blast beats, and at times you feel like you are literally being driven over by a tank. The lyrics tell the many stories of a panzer-unit in different wars (supposedly), and the horrors the team has to face throughout its existence, bonding the group into an intensely united front. Hence, each song on "Room Service" ends into the line "Death! Forever Panzer!". Music doesn't get any more masculine and death metal than on Panzerchrist, I tell you. The constant drum rumble and confined sound is fitted with tight and proficient musicianship in general, and it is also here where Downlord found their inspiration on their debut this year.

If you're looking for brutal Danish death metal at its best, and you've heard enough of Illdisposed for the day, Panzerchrist should be your next choice. Though never as known as Illdisposed, this band has lived in the underground and its controversy should arouse curiosity in all death metal fans.


Download: Victorious Life, Panzerkiller, Suicide
For the fans of: Illdisposed, Downlord

Release date 22.01.2007
Mighty Music
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