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Written by: BV on 31/05/2013 16:50:51

The Danish indie-garage rockers in Vampire Blow are far from new on the ‘scene’. On the contrary actually, as they have existed for quite a few years but have delayed the release of a debut album multiple times due to, according to themselves, a lack of nerve on the recordings they had previously made. So, it is in fact a small-scale miracle (or let’s just say wonder) that the band has finally gotten themselves around to releasing “Unicorn” – their first proper release. So, is it good? Did they catch some nerve on the recordings this time around? Well, it’s a mixed pleasure that leans heavily towards disappointment, really.

As I previously mentioned, Vampire Blow seemingly plays a blend of garage rock and all-round indie rock. In a track like “I Really Think You’ll Let Me Go” the blend works excellently as the many dynamic shifts add a playful atmosphere to the track that is reminiscent of New York Dolls as well as John Amadon. Unfortunately however, the playful atmosphere of “I Really Think You’ll Let Me Go” is often overshadowed by a strain of easily forgettable tracks that, at best, seem like mildly interesting impersonations of their various sources of inspiration – thus giving the overall impression that they are having a hard time figuring out what they want to sound like.

The best example of an overshadowing and easily forgettable track on this album is “Tokyo Slut” – a ludicrously agitating punk-intermezzo for which I see no use at all. Granted, punk is awesome – when done right. However, the inclusion of this track on the album is both misplaced and really awkward which leaves me to wonder if this track represents the ‘nerve’ that seemed to be missing on previous recordings? If so, I vote for less nerve. Furthermore it seems to me that it’s just yet another case of identity-confusion for Vampire Blow as they seemingly can’t decide whether or not they want to be a garage-rock, indie-rock or even a punk-band.

Quite frankly, the album is extremely short with its 20 minute runtime spread out over seven tracks. Oddly enough though, I can’t seem to remember much of it on the fly despite multiple listens at this point in time. What kind of impression does that imply? Certainly not a long lasting one, and I can’t really see myself returning to the album anytime soon either. Better luck next time.

Download: I Really Think You’ll Let Me Go, He’s Alright
For The Fans Of: John Amadon, Go Big, Western Medication

Release Date 29.04.2013
Magisk Mand

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