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Written by: PP on 20/05/2013 20:59:26

Now that we're on topic with Hot Water Music soundalikes with my previous review of The Sky We Scrape, I might as well introduce you to yet another band that cherishes the beloved Gainesville punk rock sound with the classic "don't fix it if it ain't broken" attitude. Bike Tuff, who hail from Michigan, channel their inner appreciation for all things HWM, Latterman, and Small Brown Bike on their debut album "Into Shore", which basically follows the usual structure of bands that sound like them: a hint of anthemic in their delivery, a ton of gravel and gruffness to the vocals, and basic, basement style punk rock riffs that have been embedded with a tiny hint of complexity to separate them from the Midwestern and So-Cal scenes.

Hence, "Into Shore" is effectively a product of its influences, and since this happens to be primarily bands that play The Fest with HWM at the forefront, it sounds practically identical to all the other bands playing this style. But you know what? That's okay, because they pack enough passion and energy into their songs for it not to matter especially around the mid-album highlight reel between "Baby, You're An Anarchist" (note: not an Against Me! cover), "The Matlock Expressway", "Los Plantanos", and "Sweet Berry Wine". These are all catchy basement style punk songs that'll incite small sing alongs amongst those who know them, even if they can't exactly be called original per se.

What does drag "Into Shore" down ½ to 1 grade is that the songwriting can be slightly inconsistent. Where the highlights are very clearly solid tracks in the genre, there are a lot of tracks that pass by relatively unnoticed in the grand scheme of things. Either they are slower, less loud, or just simply not catchy enough, but they lack the same songwriting prowess as the tracks I've already mentioned in this review. This leaves some room for improvement for their next record, but for now, many a basement owner will be happy to see them play their venue in the near future nonetheless.


Download: Sweet Berry Wine, Los Plantanos, Oak St. Market, Baby You're An Anarchist
For the fans of: Small Brown Bike, Latterman, Hot Water Music
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Release date 15.04.2013

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