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Written by: TL on 11/05/2013 15:04:48

Air Review, in case you haven't heard of them, are a Texas quintet whose debut LP "Low Wishes" was released back in January and has since gathered some decent hype and made its way to for a review. Should you indeed know nothing about these guys, you will probably not be surprised however, discovering that their music is a light, folksy indie which does indeed quickly bring words like 'airy' or 'floaty' to mind. Comparisons to the likes of River City Extension and Arcade Fire are also readily at hand, and I kept being reminded especially of the latter's "Keep The Car Running", when the up-beat drums and acoustic guitar opens up one of the album's standouts "Low Wishes".

Along with songs like "Waiting Lessons" and "Animal", "Low Wishes" flash Air Review's tendency towards up-tempo beats, which is one that I think works well for them. Still, for all the quickness in their steps, the album at large is still a decisively chilled out listen, keeping a relatively relaxed excitement as a central mood, and working its very best during the banjo/chorus vocals of record highlight "America's Son", which is quick to stand out and hard to forget.

And with that, you could arguably close the book on the album with that and just label it cool and enjoyable. I don't think however, that it's going to make quite the waves you would expect from a record that reaches your ears along with proclamations of "indie rock album of the year". That's clearly overselling it in my opinion, and you shouldn't listen to "Low Wishes" with such expectations, lest it should surely disappoint you. For what Air Review lack in their laid back omission of any wilder energy or dynamicity, they only somewhat make up for in cool atmospheres and catchy melodies. Don't get me wrong, I observes this as calmly and neutrally as "Low Wishes" sounds at time, and it's not that I think all bands should aim to sound like they're destroying everything - I just think that what you lack in edge and energy, it's good to make up in impactful songs, and while "Low Wishes" has some of them, I don't think it has all of them.


Download: America's Son, Waiting Lessons, Low Wishes, Animal
For The Fans Of: River City Extension, Delta Spirit, Of Monsters And Men, Arcade Fire

Release Date 29.01.2013
Velvet Blue / Spune

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