Spiritual Migration

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Andorra, a principality in the eastern Pyrenees, Europe, is the homeland of the sextet Persefone. With three full-length albums in the backpack the band wander off into the void on a new adventure to explore the earth and the state of mind. “Spiritual Migration” is a journey caused by unawareness of the meaning of life which leads to regaining contact with Mother Earth, giving you inner peace and allowing you to die in a acceptable state of mind.

These lyrical themes are supported by the band’s varied and constantly changing and challenging approach to metal music. Like the tracks “The Majestic Of Gaia” and “Inner Fullness”, which weave between power, melodic death and progressive metal with a continually shifting pace and sound. At one moment the guitars run away with rapidly played, highly pitched notes in harmonic tempi, supported by symphonic sounding keyboards and a back and forth between shouting and clean vocals - and then the next moment the speed drops into a choking breakdown oriented metalcore piece developing into a progressive crooked death metal. All of these expressions are displayed within the first half of the seven minute "Inner Fullness".

Persefone combine an almost countless number of metal subgenres that are just breaking loose from the stream of impressions like when a stream of falling water hits a rock outcrop and then divide into two new streams. The waterfall of “Spiritual Migration” allows six out of thirteen tracks to be instrumental, focusing on everything from classical music to the sound of Mother Nature herself. It is delightful to hear a band challenging the boundaries of what to implement on a metal record but when there is a lack of focus in where you belong in the first place you quickly loose your grip and the stream does no longer carry you away but just flushes you beyond the ledge.

If the band had taken their time deciding which genres they would play and choosen a couple instead of all of them this could be a great record because when listening to it one is not in doubt of their musicianship. There are loads of quality bits in almost all of the songs but they drown in an anxiety like on “Returning To The Source”, where in every two or four seconds there is a change in soundscape leaving you frustrated behind. Almost all the fragments of the songs are nice but they simply disappear into the next.


Download: The Majestic Of Gaia, Inner Fullness, Spiritual Migration, Returning To The Source
For The Fans Of: Opeth, Sabaton, Symphony X

Release Date 26.03.2013
ViciSolum Productions

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