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Three tracks isn’t much to go on, but 48Hours clearly know that when it comes to music, it’s about quality, not quantity. Hailing from the South of England, the trio has already graced stages around the country, supporting acts such as Cancer Bats, Madina Lake and InMe to name a few. Having only been in existence for around a year, the band is currently on tour to promote their debut EP: “Secrets.” One does rather hope they have a larger live repertoire, or their sets will have to be very short. 48Hours describe the sound of their EP as ‘potent modern hard rock,’ but some would say it does have some rather nu-metal qualities about it.

On the subject of the EP itself, “Hollow” starts out with a heavy and catchy riff, the lyrics kicking in with a somewhat nu-metal like paradox of over-produced ‘rawness.’ Not the most memorable track ever, but not bad either. Singer, Adam Jerome’s voice improves on acquaintance, as does his guitar playing. As the track draws to a close, the vocals gain a far more resonating and professional quality, finally concluding on a higher level quality wise.

“Not Alone” has far more of a hard-rock vibe to it, permeated with more catchy riffery. The vocals are still a bit wobbly at times, but of a promising quality for an up and coming new band.

Having cited influences such as Korn and Drowning Pool, 48Hours’ nu-metal tendencies do have a habit of repeatedly showing through, not just in their vocals but in the riffs and drums too. This isn’t a criticism however, because the professional execution of each track makes it work very well. Title track, “Secrets,” is no exception to the aforementioned theme of the EP, but is probably the best track. It contains the catchiest riffs of the EP along with some proper old-school nu-metal style vocals, which mold into a more post-hardcore style at times.

It’s a pity that 48Hours have not provided us with more material at this point in time to show potential fans what they are all about, however, their “Secrets” EP contains a lot of promise for those who enjoy a sound which borders on nu-metal and certainly should not remain a Secret any longer.


Download: Secrets, Not Alone
For The Fans Of: Drowning Pool, Korn, 3 Days Grace
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Release Date 06.05.2013

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