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Written by: PP on 08/04/2013 23:43:27

Few bands have been able to split the hardcore scene in as bitter opposing corners as Australia's Deez Nuts have done for two albums now, or three, if you count their latest opus "Bout It" that was released last week. Throwing all convictions about what hardcore is about as a music genre and a lifestyle firmly out the window, the band is either loudly applauded for their wildly entertaining and at the same time outrageous attempt at turning the genre upside down and forcing it into innovation, or alternatively, talked about with the kind of scathing loathe that's usually reserved to lowest common denominator bands like Limp Bizkit. It really depends on who you ask within the scene, but one thing's for sure, "Bout It" continues to raise a middle finger towards any and all heritage and ground rules that you usually associate with the genre.

For starters, "Bout It" is more like a hip hop soundtrack laid on top of an old school hardcore record. It wouldn't be unfair to say it draws heavily from early material by Beastie Boys and Limp Bizkit while at the same time laying down the law through classic down-tuned, groove-laden hardcore riffs and anthemic gang shout sections. It's such a ridiculously provocative mixture of sounds and influences that it is easy to see why the scene reacts the way it does.

It's also the most innovative and most original hardcore record I've heard in as long as I can remember.

It's an instantly recognizable sound that's packed with charisma, albeit of the juvenile and IQ-deprived kind. It's incredibly foul-mouthed with the word 'fuck' and its numerous variations appearing at a frequency that feels like every third or fourth word justifying the huge parental advisory sticker on the artwork. And when they aren't busy swearing and calling everyone motherfuckers that need to eat their own shit, the lyrics otherwise deal with introspective topics such as bitches, drugs, drinking, partying, et cetera. Or shouting loudly "DRUNK TIL DEATH YOU CAN'T DO IT LIKE US" over yet another anthemic, hip-hop infused piece of hardcore that is either absolutely brilliant satire of the hardcore scene or totally cringe-worthy and approaching idiocy, depending which interpretation of Deez Nuts you choose personally. Either argument is with merit and defendable with sound reasoning, which is why the scene's been at each other's throats regarding this release.

The best part is that you have no way of telling if they're merely doing what International Superheroes Of Hardcore did - offering tongue-in-cheek commentary on the state of the hardcore scene - or whether they're totally and completely serious about what they're doing. The wealth of all-star guest appearances from Madball, Architects, and Hatebreed certainly suggests the former, while the lyrics about putting deez nuts in your mouth and the samples about doing drugs, talking about bitches and pussy, cracking open beers etc seem evidence for the contrary. If you ever wondered what Fred Durst would've been like in a hardcore band, vocalist JJ Peters is basically the personification of what I imagine that to sound like.

It takes balls to put out a release like this in hardcore.


Download: Bout It, Shot After Shot, Popular Demand, Life You Live
For the fans of: Beastie Boys meets Limp Bizkit meets International Superheroes Of Hardcore
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Release date 01.04.2013
Century Media Records

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