Man The Change

Defeated EP

Written by: PP on 08/04/2013 23:02:37

Here's another band that's looking at the golden days of a genre and doing it rather well. Brooklyn, New York's Man The Change primarily reference the late 90s skate punk / melodicore bands with a high tempo, clean, and polished guitar sound, but occasionally break out into more explosive punk rock that recalls recent material by Half Hearted Hero, older Title Fight Records, and why not also Such Gold on especially "Keon's Revival".

Elsewhere, Lifetime references are aplenty, but these are almost constantly contrasted with more modern influences, where halfway screamed, emotionally charged melodies meet bright guitar riffs that are usually delivered at a higher than breakneck tempo. It's a nice mixture of speed and characteristic vocal delivery, that could benefit from a crisper production but does fine under the circumstances anyway. It's often feels like a throwback to this record in particular, but that only brings in a familiar vibe that makes it easy to enjoy this record's simple, but effective melodies. The vocals are pushed to the background a little too much for my liking (think many original emo bands here, how they faded the vocals back), but it's no biggie really.

If you like fast, melodic punk rock that sways into the more aggressive corners of the genre on occasion, as well as emotional croons on top of all that, "Defeated" EP should make Man The Change a band on your list of new groups to check out.


Download: Journeyman,Keon's Revival
For the fans of: Half Hearted Hero, old Title Fight, Such Gold
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Release date 13.11.2012
Hooked On Records

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