Twin Symbiosis

Written by: BV on 04/04/2013 16:49:01

Dyscordia is a six man strong progressive/melodic metal band from Belgium. While first listening to their eerie dark-ambient tendencies coupled with the intense, powerful riffing and hauntingly powerful vocal work I felt absolutely compelled to review this record, despite the fact that I usually don’t listen to that much metal – except for doom metal and the heavier stoner rock releases. In spite of my limited experience with the genre, I’ve found that Dyscordia’s album “Twin Symbiosis” falls surprisingly well into my personal preferences, whilst showcasing some absolutely astonishing musicianship.

Opening track “Dreamcatcher Tree” is a very eerie piece of ambient music with very little going on except for the reciting of a somewhat creepy set of lyrics, to the tones of an ambient soundscape. Despite the measly amount of ‘musical activity’ at this point, the track is captivating as one keeps thinking: “What will happen next and will it overwhelm me?” – It literally keeps the listener on the edge of the seat in anticipation of what’s to come. The following track “The Empty Room” quickly proves to be an extremely fast-paced and tremendously heavy onslaught in stark comparison to “Dreamcatcher Tree” which works out really well as the two tracks actually blend really well together as a sort of build-up to the climax effect. “The Empty Room” is surprisingly reminiscent of both Opeth, as well as Dream Theater – both in terms of overall sound as well as structure. However, while Dyscordia certainly has its share of musical talent going on, there is still quite a way to go before reaching the big league of bands like Opeth, Porcupine Tree and Dream Theater – thus far however, “Twin Symbiosis” is a quality release throughout.

Seven tracks into the album, the pace gradually slows down and the sound takes on a somewhat more mellow approach with “In Solitude”. Well, at least that was true for the intro of the song which leads up to yet another epic song full of brutal riffs and soaring vocal work. The drumming on this track, though, is what I truly think one should notice as it takes on a life of its own, constantly beefing up the track and maintaining that dynamic drive that has come to characterize the heavy-hitters of this particular genre-blend. Apart from being vastly intriguing in terms of dynamics, “In Solitude” is also incredibly catchy, with a verse that would have me singing along - were it not for my incredibly sore throat at the time of writing this review.

Long story short, Dyscordia is one of those bands that have managed to pique my interest while playing a genre of music I don’t particularly worship. What is even more impressive is that the album turned me from ‘interest’ to fandom. This little gem of an album will definitely get more plays on my stereo, that’s for sure.

Download: In Solitude, The Empty Room, Locked Within
For The Fans Of: Dream Theater, Opeth, Pain of Salvation
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Release Date 16.03.2013

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