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Rise From Treason

Written by: SC on 27/03/2013 13:44:58

The Resistance is a Swedish quartet of members from In Flames, The Haunted and Grave who has teamed up to play metal which draws references to old-school death metal and hardcore. Despite their past and present connections to other projects The Resistance do not see themselves as a supergroup or a side project but a band that has come to stay and the “Rise From Treason” EP is just a teaser of what to expect from their forthcoming debut full-length album that is set to follow in April.

“Rise From Treason” contains four tracks and almost from the start the band's brutal sound scratches your ear canals and Chris Barkensjö’s (ex-Grave) drumming just tramples you down into the cold hard ground with its high speed, which characterizes the tempo quite fine on the entire EP. Marco Aro’s (ex-Haunted) harsh shouting, which sometimes is almost rapping due to its speed, sets the scene excellently for the angry and frustrated expression that is the core of “Rise From Treason”. Lyric-wise the destructive attitude is clearly the main focus in the lyrics, like in the song “Slugger” where Aro sings:

“Just the thought of

What you said behind my back

Lesson learned from the sound

When I snap your neck”

This captures the aggressive and energetic lyrics that stress the brutality of the EP. However, the main attraction on “Rise Of Treason” is the return to the metal scene of Jesper Strömblad, who left In Flames due to attending treatment for his alcohol addiction. His guitar punishment alongside co-gutarist Glenn Ljungström (ex-In Flames) is just so hard and unpolished that it compares to getting your face dragged along the asphalt. The riffs are hard and noisy with a nice groove and together with the other instruments they create one big attack on your ears challenging your mind to stay focused and try to keep up with the pace in this inferno of Swedish, hardcore death metal. Due to the harshness the sound gets a bit muddy some times but this just stresses out the savagery of the soundscape. Overall, the guitar riffs are really awesome and the drums are tight and varied and with Aro’s intense roaring “Rise From Treason” creates a quite fine starting point for The Resistance, leaving us waiting to see what the guys has in store for us in April.


Download: My Fire, Face To Face, Rise From Treason, Slugger
For The Fans Of: Barricade, Cancer Bats, Walls Of Jericho

Release Date 25.01.2013

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