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Written by: PP on 25/03/2013 02:53:31

Elite songwriting is nothing one should reasonably expect but from a select few bands who click immediately in the studio. But if you are a relatively new band just releasing your first produce as a band, some critical self-evaluation should be a basic requirement before you decide to unleash your songwriting prowess (or lack thereof, as we shall see) to the public at large. Danish metallers Nokomak regrettably fall to the latter category on their four track, self-titled debut EP.

To call this anything but an early demo would be vastly overestimating its capability to impress the listener, but even when that is taken into account, Nokomak's expression is, frankly, below average. Their macho-sounding, down-tuned guitar sound suggests that, like so many of their local brethren, they have been neck-deep in Pantera and early Metallica records when they were growing up. That translates into a sound that tries to borrow the heavy groove of Pantera's produce and mix it with Metallica's impeccable 80s style thrash metal, but fails miserably in pretty much every department. The riffs aren't memorable or even mildly interesting, and the vocals, well, they need to immediately replace their growler with someone with at least a basic technical ability in his craft. Couple all of this with sub-par production that leaves everything sounding flat and powerless, well, you just don't have anything you'd really want to spread to the world just yet.

I don't take pleasure in hammering down on aspiring metal bands from our local scene, but sometimes a healthy reality check is in order. It's way too early for Nokomak to be recording songs in the studio, they simply aren't ready from a songwriting perspective at this stage.


Download: I Can't Lie
For the fans of: Pantera meets Metallica in Danish metal format
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Release date 18.10.2012

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