The Reality Vector

Written by: DR on 17/03/2013 21:33:01

I must confess at the start of this review: the relationship between myself and music as heavy as Dweller play is, quite honestly, non-existent. I like heavy music, but my limit was certain shades of 'metal'. At least, that was before I listened to Dweller's debut LP, "The Reality Vector", which is without doubt some of the most uncompromising and unrelenting music I've ever heard.

"The Reality Vector" combines death metal and hardcore, thus ending up in deathcore territory. It's deliberately unrelenting in its heaviness, with its assault of numerous breakdowns per song, guttural growls and piercing screams, plenty of double-pedal and chugging riffage yet technical riffage. It's not so much a dark canvas painted as it is an attempt to obliterate the canvas, room and building its housed within. However, despite this bleak nature which Dweller so furiously stick to, there are elements of space, even melody, in their song writing that adds an effective balance to keep the songs and the album as a whole from becoming bland and monotonous. Even a genre-novice, such as myself, can appreciate the ringing, atmosphere guitar melodies soaring in efforts such as "Apprehension" and "Interpretations of Dimension" that add a light to the otherwise bulldozer-esque musicianship.

That Dweller formed in 2009, around the time that the financial crisis was at its deepest and it seemed hope generally low, is fitting. It was a time when a lot of people were pissed off - Dweller perfectly capture this anger in their music, and this anger is what permeates through "The Reality Vector". For these reasons, "The Reality Vector" may not be for the faint-hearted but, for those who can handle it, its technical deathcore that fans of the genre especially shouldn't miss out on.


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Release Date 22.10.2012
We Are Triumphant Records

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