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If you like your punk old school, it doesn't get much more old school than the U.K. Subs. Formed as a part of the original punk movement in London, UK in 1976, they've released 18 full length albums since then, all of them staying true to their roots. "XXIV", as the title suggests, is their 19th studio album, and it's a fine example of the produce the band has been putting out throughout the years - varied old school punk that isn't content at repeating the same formula for the 14 songs and 37 minutes that the album spans across.

Some of that variety is thrown in your face immediately from the beginning of the album. "Implosion 77" is as 70s punk rock as it comes, but straight after "Coalition Government" throws a curveball with its harmonica solo, and "Speed" straight after draws from 70s/early 80s hardcore, clearly resembling OFF! and Circle Jerks at this point. Later on, "Monkeys" and especially album highlight "Garden Of Good And Evil" give some lessons in classic, "Walk Among Us"-era Misfits woo-hoo backing vocals. Here, the band sounds more like street punk than anything else. So as you can see, "XXIV" offers a little bit of everything in punk rock, as long as it's applied through an old school filter. It's a raw, uncompromising album, but not at the cost of reasonable production values or catchy song structures, except when it comes to the tearing pieces of 80s hardcore, of course, but they are catchy in their own way as well.

You could say that "XXIV" doesn't bring much new to the table that we didn't already know about U.K. Subs. But it doesn't have to. It delivers old school punk with the original attitude and rebellious stance exactly as only the founders of the scene are able to do.

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For the fans of: OFF!, Misfits, Minor Threat, Anti-Nowhere League, Sex Pistols
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Release date 06.02.2013
Captain Oi! Records

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