No Use For A Name

Keep Them Confused

Written by: PP on 17/06/2005 14:19:37

Everyone knows No Use For A Name for their great ability of creating melodic guitar hooks over harmonic vocals that stick to your head forever. Everyone knows them for making "More Betterness", "Leche Con Carne", and "Making Friends", all of which are albums that defined skatepunk's new direction. But a band can't keep making genre-defining albums forever. There are tonnes of examples like New Found Glory, Jimmy Eat World, Papa Roach and others who at first created albums that gave their respective genres a new direction, and then nearly flopped with their later releases. With that note, we can all be relatively sure that NUFAN won't make another "Making Friends". And that's certainly true about "Keep Them Confused". "Part Two", "There Will Be Revenge" and "It's Tragic" are good old NUFAN songs: fast, melodic skatepunk with political lyrics and memorable choruses. But then there are tracks like "Divine Let Down" and "Overdue" over which NUFAN should feel ashamed of themselves. It seems to be the trend these days to make at least one acoustic/slow ballad-style song in today's punk albums, and NUFAN follows that trend blindly. If you've heard the song "For Fiona", which is available for free download, it will give you a good idea of what the entire album sounds like. If you like it, buy the album. But if you're looking for songs like "Fields Of Athenry", "On The Outside", "Sitting Duck" or other classics, this is not your NUFAN album. It's slower, more poppy, and less creative.


Download: Part Two, There Will Be Revenge
For the fans of: Lagwagon, No Fun At All

Release Date 14.06.2005
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