Cold War Kids

Robbers And Cowards

Written by: TL on 18/03/2007 01:25:15

Following the release of their debut full length "Robbers & Cowards" Californian Cold War Kids have been making quite the ruckus with their chilled and heavily blues-inspired take on indie-rock. The sound of the band has positioned it in the slipstream of the likes of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, catapulted to a status of 'the next big thing' in the circles who swear to this particular genre branch.

Listening to the album you quickly recognize the similarities the band shares with aforementioned Clap Your Hands, especially the versatile voice of vocalist Nathan Willet makes you think you've become acquainted with a more chilled and less insane relative to Alec Ounsworth. Throughout the twelve tracks on the album he breathes life into the rackety mostly piano-driven indie/blues rock compositions. Highlights such as the opener "We Used To Vacation", the following "Hang Me Up To Dry" and "Tell Me In The Morning" as well as "Saint John" shine brightly, reminding you of some of the best stuff by The White Stripes or even The Raconteurs. Characterizing this album is primarily highlighted how the band is capable of adding some really classic blues elements to mix, modifying them and making them seem modern and relevant.

Despite their obvious qualities, Cold War Kids are however still a band that's indie enough to be quite the acquired taste, and while they have a style and strong identity of their own, the overall impression of this album is that it isn't quite as good as the stuff bands like Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and The Arcarde Fire are treating us to these days, and I for one would very much like to see this band let go a little bit more, and express themselves in a bit louder and wilder manner, as I think it would serve their rackety approach well. If you're one of this bands' countless indie-disciples then you may hate me for this, but I think that in the ears of the general rock fan, this record merits only

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For the fans of: The White Stripes, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Tapes 'N Tapes
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Release date 10.10.2006
Downtown Recording

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