La Armada

La Armada

Written by: PP on 09/03/2013 23:46:09

I can safely say that La Armada is the first band I've ever listened to who originate from Dominican Republic. They were formed, and toured on the island extensively in early to mid 2000s, before relocating to Chicago in 2007, but they've never strayed far from their Latin roots. Hence they've dubbed their expression 'Latino hardcore fury', characterized by the rhythmic percussion from the Latin culture as well as their vocals, which are screamed entirely in Spanish throughout their self-titled debut album.

Unfortunately, they are not very good. They play a piercing brand of hardcore that's more concentrated on sounding as aggressive and uncompromising as possible than on actual songwriting. In practice, that means their songs are fierce slabs of hardcore punk that, granted, are designed with the fist-pump enthusiast in mind, but leave much to be desired from the songwriting perspective. Their vocalist has a razor-sharp yell that recalls This Is Hell in many ways, while the rest of the band concentrate on fairly standard hardcore instrumentation that you've heard many, many times before in much better form. Their problem, in a nutshell, is that their sound is too monotonous. All tracks sound more or less identical, with little variation in tempo, stance, and especially the vocals. The piercing scream gets tiring after a few tracks, and when it goes on for an album's length, you're ready to ditch the record because of the almost complete lack of charisma by their vocalist alone.

Download: La Cueva, Cucarachas
For the fans of: Agnostic Front meets This Is Hell
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Release date 20.03.2012

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