Get Nice (demo)

Written by: PP on 01/03/2013 18:21:18

W!nslow are a relatively new pop-hardcore / pop punk band from Montreal, Canada. They put out a new album last year called "Get Nice!", which is filled to its brim with infectious melodies, perfectly timed gang-shouts, thick bass-lines, and plenty of catchy choruses that balance somewhere between Millencolin and Such Gold.

That's all good and well, but they have one major issue on the album: the production. It both sounds and feels like a DIY self-recording from start to finish, which isn't always necessarily bad, but here it means that all the instruments (aside from bass-guitar) sound flat in the mix. The guitars drown underneath the vocals, the drums don't have enough oomph, and the vocals sound kinda weird. It's simply amateurish - especially because the underlying songs are actually pretty good. "All My Friends" and the Such Gold-sounding "A Stone's Throw Away" are both tracks I wouldn't mind popping on had the production been decidedly better. It's easy to tell that they're infectiously catchy, but W!nslow simply haven't been able to capture neither the energy nor the force needed to push these sorts of songs through convincingly. It's unfortunate, because I like what they're doing here otherwise. But let us remember that this is exactly how Handguns sounded like on their debut EP, and look at where they are now.


Download: A Stone's Throw Away, All My Friends, Go Fly A Kite...I
For the fans of: Such Gold, Four Year Strong, When Thieves Are About, old Millencolin
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Release date 10.06.2012
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