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The Space We Create

Written by: HES on 28/02/2013 20:14:16

Terra Terra Terra is a band straight out of the Lakelands, Florida; the very same place that gave us Anberlin. The four-piece plays anthemic stadium rock with a twist from hardcore and early emo and "The Space We Create" is their first studio album. They have already been promised a great future by buzz sites like absolutepunk.net and they mention The Killers, Death Cab for Cutie and Dashboard Confessionals as inspiration on facebook.

As the album's first single "Angel" hits my ear drums I'm instantly impressed with the bands craftmanship but also the catchyness of the tune. Almost reminding me of the way Jimmy Eat World managed to speed their very touchy-feely soundscape up into smash hits with almost no artistic loss on "Chase This Light" (I adore that album). Loren Taylor gets the goose-bumps going with the falsetto-reaching chorus. The album is fired up with wonderful sing-a-long choruses, banging drums, guitar-riffs and a dash of violin, surely fine enough to light up the crowds of bigger, American stages and stadiums.

"My only one" is a mindnumbingly beautiful ballad and "Crash" is a guitar-driven piece of gold. Even though it's usually hard to find a line between the introvertness of quiet songs and outspokenness of loud songs, it seems like Terra Terra Terra reaches a very successful middle-ground. The album is worth the listen from start to finish and it seems there's been a lot of thought put into the arrangement of the songs. In a world where singles and "one-track-wonders" fill up a lot of Spotify-lists it's refreshing to hear a truly finished album, even though the musical hyphens between numbers become a little too cliché.

It's kind of sad though, when lead singer Loren Taylor's voice (that is very beautiful and even soulful at some points) needs to be constantly layered with horrible effects, echos and other distortions. As I earlier mentioned Jimmy Eat World, I'll once again use them as an example of how a seemingly un-altered voice becomes so much more relatable to its audience. Besides that I am growing very tired of the never-ending usage of "analogue"-sounding recording of guitar that Terra Terra Terra unfortunately also falls a bit into (the kind of sound Danish The Raveonettes helped pioneer). It becomes very “sharp” together with the hi-hats at some points. But all in all "The Space We Create" is a collection of well-written pop-songs made for big stages, teenage bedrooms and car-stereos all over the world.


Download: "Angel", "Crash", "Someone Like You", "The Only One"
For The Fans Of: Kings of Leon, Machester Orchestra, Jimmy Eat World
Listen: facebook.com/terraterraterrafl

Release Date 15.01.2013
Round Kid Records

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