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First things first: Life would be a lot easier without AFM Records promos. Music downloading is one of the biggest problems of the music industry for sure and blaming labels for doing something to avoid this would be foolish of me so I won't. But it's just not easy to write a review from a promo CD that consists of the songs which are combining eachother with fade-ins and -outs. The voiceover promos are much tolerable -ah the good old days.

"MKII" is Masterplan's third album by and also the begining of a new chapter in the band's career. Looking back at 2003, when Masterplan announced the foundation of the band, the world seemed to be 100% sure that it would rock. The kinda dream line-up with Jorn Lande on vocals, Roland Grapow on guitars and Uli Kusch on drums didn't let people down and released an album that still remains as the best one by Masterplan. Moving onto our time, 2007, things seem a bit upside down. Jorn Lande and Uli Kusch left the band to follow their solo careers. Roland Grapow was expected to annihilate the band but instead he stayed strong, found the best replacements he could, and produced the album himself so "MKII " saw the daylight. The past career of the new vocalist Mike DiMeo, shuts up every question about his ability but he can't possess the dynamic pipes that Lande has. I would be lying if I say Lande's not missed at all here. And Mike Terrana allows the music breathing space, listening to his drumming is much more a pleasure than listening to a techincal drum monster. Grapow leads the show, however, the guitars are out front, and the songs have the same formula again, hinting that Roland Grapow probably wrote all three albums. The similarity of the songs is at a dangerous level here, though, and justifies me into considing "MKII" to be the 'filler' album in Masterplan's discography, something every band offers during their existance. But another album like this would not go down well with the fans, and it is likely this one won't be received well either.


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Release date 23.02.2007
AFM Records
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