Easy Cure

Written by: PP on 30/01/2013 22:11:50

Keeping track of new releases by European skate punk bands is kinda hard since there's so little coverage of them. That's why I've missed out on the last couple of Uncommonmenfrommars releases, but here's a break in that pattern. "Easy Cure" is the seventh studio album by the French punk rockers, and it upholds the fantastic standard they've displayed throughout their career. There's no bullshit here, just great sing along melodies spliced with occasional bursts of hardcore punk, with no ambitions of evolving as artists or writing the next great rock opera.

The hilariously titled "Sk8boarding Hurts More When You're Over 30" opens the album with super catchy, kinda polished punk rock that carries a distinct Dillinger Four vibe. The second track - also ridiculously catchy - continues that same route, before "Guess What?" blends together lightning speed hardcore punk and early The Offspring type of mid 90s punk rock melodies. "Do You Believe?" is equally fast and aggressive, racing by in just 31 seconds, before we're back to polished skate punk on "You Remind Me The Kids I Used To Hate At School", though here with a slight pop punk vibe.

Whichever the style, though, Uncommonmenfrommars impress with consistent songwriting. The songs aren't just catchy, but they're also varied, and integrate elements of many different styles and bands from the realm of punk rock and hardcore. With "Easy Cure", they continue to be one of the most underrated bands in European punk rock.

Download: Sk8boarding Hurts More When You're Over 30, The Only Way To Make It Through The Day,
For the fans of: Pennywise, old Offspring, Dillinger Four, Millencolin
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Release date 06.11.2012
Effervescence Records

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