XII Boar

Split Tongue, Cloven Hoof (EP)

Written by: EW on 19/01/2013 00:28:14

Twelve Boar, as they are pronounced, are a Hampshire based stoner/sludge band with two EPs to their name since a 2010 forming, "Split Tongue, Cloven Hoof" being the second of them. The sound to be found is an one of an up-tempo, rocking trio far more concerned about producing a straight-up head-banging, walloping noise designed for grimy pub venues than anything too ambitious and for this I salute them. The sound for a self-released EP is distinct and clear with a nice low-end to their Orange Goblin by way of High on Fire rumble; the fuzzed hollow guitar tones of Tommy Hardrocks sit astride his gruff Troy Sanders-esque (Mastodon) vocals which are spat forth with a laudable clarity and personality, the kind one can imagine covering you in pleasant flecks of spit should you venture too close to a live show, while Adam Williams' bass provides a colourful and heavy backing behind him. Witchsorrow drummer Dave Wilbraham does a neat job too in adding a touch of virtuosity behind his buddies wailing solos during "Slam Hound" in particular.

Opener "Smokin' Bones" is my pick of the lot - after a brief drum roll intro we get a banging, distinctly Orange Goblin smoked riff that pretty much sums up the groove of these 20 minutes. It is sure as hell essential for a stoner/sludge band to build a sense of 'groove' into their music and in this track XII Boar pack plenty of it. "Hellspeed Viper" is faster but no less catchy; it sounds as if the band's engine is on fire, fuelled by a cocktail of unbridled energy, whiskey and goddamn rock'n'roll. Closer "Triclops" is the least interesting of the foursome and more reminiscent of a prosaic band of the genre but it doesn't hide the fact "Split Tongue, Cloven Hoof" is a well-formed and solid EP that does what every good EP should; leaves you wanting more.


Download: Smokin’ Bones, Hellspeed Viper
For The Fans Of: Orange Goblin, High on Fire, Big Game Hunt
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Release date: 28.10.2012

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