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Let Go EP

Written by: TL on 09/01/2013 21:04:39

I'll be perfectly blunt: When I first checked out the "Let Go" EP by Atlanta quintet Everybody Run, it struck me as sloppy and relatively generic pop-punk and effectively I wasn't particularly excited. After a handful of listens however, I'm starting to feel like the sloppiness is part of the charm in a band that seemingly love all eras of pop-punk so much that they try to combine them into one sound. The loose feeling and slurred vocals remind me of retro pop-punk acts like Chixdiggit, while the bright melodies give me a more recent New Found Glory-ish vibe, and then there's the guest-rapping from one Kyle Lucas in "Four On The Floor" which instantly conjures up thoughts of late turn-of-the-millenia highschool movies and bands like Zebrahead.

Admittedly, I still don't think there's much originality involved here, but that does also seem less the point than to have some fun with a lot of different elements from the genre, and the cool is that while Everybody Run try on slightly different pop-punk nuances, they sound like their own band at all times. "Four On The Floor" being a pretty catchy song also helps of course, and "Love With A Knife" is flat out contagious from the very first bar, having the sort of refrain that you will stick to your mind for a good while after the song ends. Still though, save for a good chorus or two, I've got to doubt that what remains of "Let Go EP" has that elusive quality that means I'll still feel like listening, if I come across the release in my collection a few months down the line. So feel free to disagree with me if you live and breathe pop-punk, but until these guys either get just a hint more ambitious or start writing instantly catchy parts with even greater consistency, I'll give them a hesitant grade that reflects that this is probably only the beginning for them.

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For The Fans Of: grassroots level pop-punk inspired by all eras of the genre
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Release Date 07.12.2012

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