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The Hottest Thing That's Cool

Written by: PP on 26/12/2012 21:43:28

There's a quote from The Atom Age which says that they wouldn't exist without Rocket From The Crypt. That's not a statement difficult to believe considering how closely their sophomore album "The Hottest Thing That's Cool" mirrors the rock'n'roll dominant punk of the 90s legends. Just like their primary influences, The Atom Age borrow from 60s style garage and twist it into a fast paced and energetic punk rock format, filled with basic sing-along melodies and weirdo horns that add a bit of quirkiness on the background. It's basically a sound that attempts to channel the old school with a modern spin to it, and to some extent they're successful with that approach.

If there are two things aplenty on "The Hottest Thing That's Cool", it's energy and, as the title already suggests, attitude. Preferably both at the same time. Groovy swagger, rowdy rhythms, and plenty of pedal-assisted soloing, all delivered through a high tempo punk rock filter. Strong old school vibes are intentionally brought forward in order to mix it up with strange horns that are at least as racy as the riff-tastic guitars. Sometimes it results into catchy little songs like "I've Been Thinking" and "Nothing Ever Changes", but other times they resort to in-your-face rock'n'roll energy all the time without a moment to breathe, and unfortunately the songs aren't catchy enough to fend off their inherent energy alone in many cases.

That said, if you like your punk rock spliced with rock'n'roll (and why not even a bit of rockabilly, etc), The Atom Age will take care of your needs. They have a few old school woo-hoo sing alongs embedded within as well, so a few memorable songs exist as well. Overall, though, there's a little too much going on; too little has been spent on developing the songs instead of just slapping everything on at once in a chaotic manner.


Download: I've Been Thinking, Nothing Ever Changes, I Hypnotize
For the fans of: Rocket From The Crypt, Hot Snakes, The Sultans, The Night Marchers
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Release date 29.05.2012
Asian Man Records

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