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There was a real threat of Pentimento's self-titled debut album being drowned and forgotten into a sea of drama where their previous label Panic Records threatened them and their new label Paper + Plastick / Black Numbers with a lawsuit if either party would start publishing songs from the album. The details surrounding that drama are blurry so I won't bother you with those, but more importantly Pentimento's subsequent decision to break ties with all labels and release the album for free, independently, may have worked in their favor. They were already portrayed as a passionate and honesty-driven band on their debut EP "Wrecked" last year, so absorbing all of the financial burden of this album and its associated promotion, only to release the album for free, helps fortify their image, and as such, earned them vocal support from the punk rock community. There was a real danger of this album never surfacing, though, which would've been a travesty because you'll have to look far and wide to find a record as honest and grabbing as this one (well, maybe not this year due to Basement and Title Fight releasing masterpieces, but you get the point).

The genre is emotionally charged punk rock. And when I say emotionally charged, I mean that every single song, every passage, every lyric is absolutely drenched in nostalgic emotion. These are the kind of songs so heartfelt that you'll see people screaming along from the top of their lungs because of how much they connect with the songs. Consider this brief passage from opener "Unless":

I stared out into what looked like always for what felt like forever / asking "What exactly would I have to do to make this mean as much to you as it means to me?" / But there's something you're not saying, and those eyes give you away.

Not only are the lyrics drowning in emotion, but the delivery is flawless: some parts are more quiet, other ones explode out of their vocalist, each in different rhythm and tone to underline just the right sort of emotional stance appropriate for the specific line. They are also delivered in the form of meaningful phrases that each can interpret to their own lives, which is part of why Pentimento create such an intense connection with their listener on almost each song. "Almost Atlantic", for instance, has a moment where they sing: "You were the ocean. I was the sand beneath your waves.", and "Days Away" has "'ve been spending a long time looking down / Trying to figure out exactly who I am / I can't believe everything that I let myself believe.". In the context of their respective passages, these are brilliant moments where Pentimento's introspective, contemplative melodies truly shine. The outbursts of emotion fit in so well with the quiet and intricate nature of the songs, and together create a sense of depth and longevity few bands are able to ever achieve.

Yes, Pentimento still draw hugely from the repertoire of bands like Basement, Make Do And Mend, Hot Water Music, Title Fight, and Polar Bear Club, and yes, we've heard a consistent assembly line of great releases in this exact style over the last couple of years. But none of that matters when you write great songs. This is a huge grower, folks, expect to feel much stronger about it in the months to come.


Download: Unless, Circles, Days Away, Almost Atlantic
For the fans of: Basement, Make Do And Mend, Hot Water Music, Title Fight, Polar Bear Club
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Release date 13.11.2012

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