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Written by: TL on 22/12/2012 20:22:41

Take the speed and high pitched vocals from Set Your Goals and mix them with the emo urgency and lyrical content of Man Overboard and the bright catchiness of Misser - If you could do this, the result would probably sound like "Contender", the debut LP from California pop-punk trio (former quartet) Forever Came Calling, which I've been meaning to listen to and review for months to be honest. It's a short and sweet record at a fast-paced 24 minutes of run time, so it only makes sense that its review speeds ahead as well. So let's go! let's go! let's go!

Dorks might point out that 24 minutes is technically just an EP, but with ten tracks included I see the sense in calling "Contender" an album, although it is obviously a very efficient one, opening with two brief intro-type tracks before racing ahead with eight more songs that rarely break the three-minute mark. That should emphasize my seriousness when I mentioned that these lads have speed, and indeed, the drum rhythms here are delivered at breakneck pace, while meaty chords and simple, sparkling melodies form up the guitar work in traditional pop-punk fashion. Forever Came Calling only list one vocalist in frontman Joe Candelaria (who also plays guitar), but either some of the other guys have contributed the subtle occasional backing vocals and responses, or Candelaria has been dubbed - I'm not sure which, but it makes for a good vocal dynamic similar to all of the bands I initially compared these guys to.

Apart from some of the vocals being a bit deep in the mix (in intro "Learning" for instance) the production is smooth enough for you to think that these guys are established. With this in order, and with the notion of pop-punk added extra speed and an emo edge being a good proposition if you ask me, the only thing you can question is really the quality of the songwriting. And here I'm happy to report that while I don't quite think the band displays veteran consistency, there are at least a few winners to be noticed very quickly in especially "Ides" and "I'll Be Better I Promise". All bases are fairly well covered then, and hence I have little hesitation naming Forever Came Calling one of the more characteristic and promising new pop-punk bands I've heard so far this year.

Download: Ides, I'll Be Better I Promise, The Office,
For The Fans Of: Set Your Goals, Man Overboard, Misser, I Call Fives

Release Date 24.07.2012
Pure Noise Records

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