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Written by: PP on 21/12/2012 19:38:53

Alright Green Day, we've seen through your megalomaniac three albums in three months project, and while we gave you the benefit of the doubt despite of how ridiculous that idea seemed on paper, time has come for the final evaluation of the exercise. And the verdict's just in: totally pointless. Where they could've just grouped together the best three or four songs of each album for a reasonably good mainstream rock effort, they've instead delivered exactly what I expected them to: three albums with a few cool songs on each, and a whole lot filler in between. Not even the best band in the world is able to write three albums' worth of solid material in that short of a period, and despite Green Day's previous ambition as expansive songwriters, I'm struggling to see what exactly has been achieved here other than damage to Green Day's already deteriorating popularity. Most other bands that write this many songs scratch the excess as b-sides and select the best songs, and it really feels like Green Day has purposefully avoided that step of the process. Not sure why exactly...

"Tre" was meant to be the 'epic' album out of the 'garage' and 'power pop' ones we've already heard, and to an extent that's true. There a numerous balladic songs that clearly resonate in the same direction of songs like "Wake Me Up (When September Ends)" and "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams". "Drama Queen" is one of them, but it's a terrible fucking song if you ask me, and an instant turn off from an album that otherwise started off quite promising. "Missing You" and "8th Avenue Serenade" both defy the epic label and take us back to circa "Warning"-era Green Day, back when they still had their feet firmly attached to the ground although desire for bigger was already visible, but tracks like these are in the minority on an album that has the strongest stench of irrelevant and formulaic I've come across in a while. Yes, it's marginally better than the god-awful "Dos", but not enough to stand in any sort of good light against their impressive back catalogue. People always say bands run out of ideas; this is exactly how that sounds like. A massive cover up of their inability to find new inspiration for writing good songs, the band obviously thought we'd be fooled by (on the paper) an ambitious trilogy of epic proportions. Well, we're not.

Thing is, I like Green Day. I just think it's sad that they have to go and destroy their own legacy in such a sad manner as this trilogy. The songs aren't interesting, well-written, nor catchy (aside from a couple of exceptions). Anyone who's ever listened to one of their critically acclaimed albums from the past knows that. So kids today, go back to "Nimrod". Pick up a copy of "Insomniac". Sing along to the songs on "Dookie". Don't base your opinion on Green Day on this trilogy, and understand how they came to be as big as they are in 2012.


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Release date 07.12.2012

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