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"Panic" is simply put the return to the form by the pop punk legends Mxpx. This album may well be the highlight of their career. 42 minutes and 14 songs of flawless pop punk without any filler tracks is a great achievement from any popular pop punk band out there, but if all of the tracks are capable of being chart topping singles like on "Panic", we're onto something very big. The album kicks off with a light-hearted skatepunk-ish anthem "The Darkest Places" with an exceptionally memorable chorus and fast guitar riffs. But beware riff lovers: if you're looking for complex riffs and solos, "Panic" isn't your album. It consists 100% of three-chord powerchords and silly but catchy choruses. "Young And Depressed"'s intro riff sounds like it's been borrowed from an old 80s band. "Emotional Anarchist" sounds just like "Responsibility" from their 2000 album "The Ever Passing Moment". "This Weekend" is a slowed down ballad that Fall Out Boy could've done on their latest album. But this is the best part about "Panic"; it mixes slow and fast paced songs evenly together without affecting the overall flow of the album. Songs like "Kicking And Screaming" and "Cold Streets" represent the slower, more anthemic or ballad-like Mxpx while "The Story" and "Get Me Out" are closer to skatepunk and hardcore punk than pop punk. This album is worth listening from start to finish without a break dozens of times without making you bored. Mxpx's best to date.


Download: Wrecking Hotel Rooms, The Darkest Places
For the fans of: Fall Out Boy, Midtown

Release date 07.06.2005
USA Side 1 Dummy

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