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Written by: PP on 05/12/2012 22:41:53

What do you get when you remove the awesome, blisteringly technical guitars from Dragonforce? Basically, your dime-a-dozen power metal that sounds no different to any of the thousands of generic bands in the style. Let's face it, vocalist ZP Theart was never the reason anybody listened to Dragonforce, and he sure as hell isn't the reason why people should care about his new band I Am I or their debut album "Event Horizon" that was released a couple of months ago.

While he is a technically solid vocalist for obvious reasons (he wouldn't have helped Dragonforce to such immense success without some talent) and is able to ram in a catchy chorus seemingly at will, the simplified instrumentation and slower tempo of I Am I in general speaks of a fellow crew far less talented and able than Theart himself or his former colleagues for that matter. Basically, I Am I sounds like any power metal band to have ever existed, and as such the songs disappear into an endless gray mass of over saturation that is known as power metal. There's virtually no difference between I Am I and the rest of the colossal soundscapes and heavy metal inspiration possessed by their contemporaries, except that Theart is arguably able to shovel a few more catchy songs in your direction than the rest of the bunch.

But one guy can't save a release that otherwise offers no originality or innovation, which is something that's in spotlight especially now that it's in such a stark contrast to Dragonforce's far better and immediately more interesting take on the genre. It's not a bad release per se, and if you're into power metal then this record will take up a slot in your collection easily, but come on. How many records with high-end vibrato vocals, echoing soundscapes, and dramatic power metal instrumentation does the genre need before enough is enough?


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Release date 17.09.2012
Candlelight Records

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