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The Future Again

Written by: PP on 27/11/2012 22:02:32

A Hero A Fake have been flying underneath the radar of the scene at large for a while now, despite having released two solid albums prior to their third effort "The Future Again". They continue to fuse together elements of metalcore and progressive metal for those listeners whose attention span is too short for Between The Buried And Me, but who like technically superior and challenging instrumental music nonetheless. With songs averaging just around the three to four-minute mark, A Hero A Fake have always appealed to the segment of the audience who like to hear awe-inspiring guitar passages meddling with harsh growls and the occasional smooth clean vocals without having to delve into 10+ minute songs. Basically, A Hero A Fake have mastered the art of condensing songs into their bare essence and cutting away all the instrumental wankery parts, that critics have sometimes accused Between The Buried And Me for having.

Two years ago, that could've been the introduction to "Let Oceans Lie", their sophomore album that eliminated most of the brain dead chug-chug moments in favour of more organic song structures. It's weird then that instead of being another step forward, "The Future Again" is essentially a step back, with quite a few nonsensical chug passages bridging together the excellent lead sections that still belong to the elite within the genre. In short, the riffs have become less interesting in general, and the same applies to their clean vocals, which are less catchy than they used to be. That being said, "Mechanical Heart", "Port Hole" and "Wasted Miles" all demonstrate that A Hero A Fake are still able to piece together those catchy, typically metalcore clean choruses to capture the attention of any listener risking to drift away while listening to the guitars swirl and curl high up in the soundscape.

Otherwise, "The Future Again" owns a challenging modern metal(core) sound that enjoys crisp production and solid riffs almost all the way through. It's not the best material these guys have released, but it continues to show that it's possible to write progressive metal with metalcore tendencies without having to resort into ten minute songs to do it. BTBAM for the ADD people, basically.


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For the fans of: Between The Buried And Me, The Contortionist
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Release date 17.07.2012
Victory Records

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