The Time Of Great Purification

Written by: PP on 18/11/2012 23:45:32

I have no idea how bands like Pathology can continue to exist or enjoy the status of a signed band on a large independent label like Victory. It's one thing to be a quality death metal band, and another one to hide underneath the label of 'brutal death metal' (or 'slam' as the colloquial term puts it) whilst writing shitty music designed for boneheads with little or no understanding of real songwriting dynamics. Repeating the same four down-tuned riffs across a 13 track album that feels like an endless breakdown from start to finish isn't music. It's idiocy.

We tried this last year, guys. "Awaken To The Suffering" was a terrible record where the only redeeming factor was Dave Astor's (ex-Cattle Decapitation) solid work behind the drum kit. The gutturally growled vocals are so 'br00tal' they consist of nothing but senseless orgling where the lyrical content is pretty much pointless because it's all just monotonous gargling through and through. The vocals are basically a really bad joke. The guitars repeat the same riff for the whole album, and are always several octaves below the most down-tuned thing you've ever come across. Breakdowns? There's nothing BUT breakdowns.

The thing is, as I'm listening to "The Time Of Great Purification" I'm having real, serious difficulty in believing it's actually a different album from "Awaken To The Suffering". I couldn't tell which song is on which album even if my life depended on it, and even distinguishing between the individual songs on the same album is a pointless exercise. It's simply not possible when everything sounds the same: shitty. This isn't music, it's noise. But if you're into 30 minutes of monotonous down-tuned breakdowns with animalistic growling on top of it, by all means, check out the new Pathology album. Just don't return with any remark that includes the words 'good' or 'music' in the same context.


Download: Dissection Of Origins
For the fans of: Skinless, Disgorge, Putrid Pile
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Release date 25.09.2012
Victory Records

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