Rebellion EP

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New York Hardcore stallions Madball can (nearly) always be relied on for a solid injection of hardcore the way it was meant to be played. They're probably the 'truest' hardcore band to the genre's signature sound in existence, having kept up their down-tuned riffs and two-steppable rhythms largely the same ever since the release of their first material in late 80s. They're currently in the studio working on a follow-up to 2010's "Empire", but decided to let the fans in on a teaser in the form of a six track EP called "Rebellion".

Now, if you've heard a Madball release before, you know pretty much exactly what to expect. The band haven't changed at all over the years, which is especially evident on this EP considering it contains re-recordings of "Get Out" and "It's My Life", both old school Madball licks from the classic era of the band. The four new cuts aren't much different to these except in terms of length and speed; where Madball was once speedy, they today utilize a plethora of tempos to emphasize their two-step, circle pit, and fists-in-air sections one at a time. It still works wonders, though, and as "You Reap What You Saw" and "The Beast" demonstrate, hardcore is still alive and well in 2012 at least if you ask Madball. Gang chants, quintessentially Madball yelled vocals, and bouncy song structures that should initiate intense pits wherever they play (while avoiding the generic breakdowns favoured by karate moshers). Yes, these are the themes dominating "Rebellion" EP, as they have done throughout Madball's career. Hence, it's one of those fans-only releases that'll keep their own base happy, while the newcomers to Madball are advised to look into their classics first.


Download: Rebellion, You Reap What You Sow
For the fans of: Agnostic Front, Full Blown Chaos, HOODS
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Release date 14.06.2012

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