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Written by: PP on 06/11/2012 20:24:08

After Gwen Stefani abandoned No Doubt to pursue a solo artist career in pop/R'n'B in 2004, No Doubt went on an extended hiatus that lasted four years, although we wouldn't hear new music from the iconic mainstream ska/rock group for further four years. Her career was an instant and total turn off for any fan of No Doubt's signature ska sound, even though fans had already been disillusioned by the awkward dancehall experimentation on 2001's "Rock Steady". Basically, she turned from writing and performing good music into absolute trash of the worst kind, at least from the rock fan's point of view. Nevertheless when No Doubt announced their reunion, many of us were optimistic; after all it seemed like Stefani got the shit out of her system on her solo albums and perhaps wanted to start making real music once again. I mean, why else reunite the band if not for a renewed sense of nostalgia to songs like "Don't Speak", "Just A Girl", "Bathwater", "Spiderwebs", "Sunday Morning" and other genuine classics?

Why reunite, indeed. "Push And Shove", No Doubt's first studio album in eleven years, is but a rehash of Gwen Stefani's horrific R'n'B influence pasted on top of a nothingsaying, superficial pop music layer that serves to ruin their legacy once and for good. The simplicity of the musicianship and overtly reliance on studio tricks is insulting to a music enthusiast, and the melodies offer nothing you wouldn't hear on any randomly selected Danish radio station at least a hundred times a day. There isn't an ounce of rock left on her record, mainstream or otherwise, and even less ska, just dime-a-dozen R'n'B influence pop music that has plagued the mainstream music scene for the better part of the last decade or so.

Stupid dance beats, borderline idiotic lyrics, forgettable, boring songs that when placed in direct contrast with any of the tracks mentioned earlier are outright embarrassing. That is what you get from No Doubt in 2012. But after watching Gwen Stefani produce what is generally known as the lowest common denominator type of music for the last ten years, I guess the result shouldn't be surprising. Avoid.


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Release date 21.09.2012

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