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Written by: PP on 03/11/2012 18:14:46

You know, I didn't think Abandon All Ships could get much worse after their mediocre electronica based scenecore release "Geeving" two years ago. They were capitalizing on every single trend available back then, but if you think that was much, then wait 'til you hear their newest abomination called "Infamous". It turns out I was wrong, because this is an album that manages to push literally every wrong button for this reviewer in quick succession. These are just some excerpts of the notes I jotted down while listening to this record for this review: "Oh god...why", "THE HORROR, KILL IT NOW WITH FIRE", "this has to be a joke, right?". After multiple listens I'm just about ready to stab myself in the ears with a swiss army knife in an apparently loss of sanity. Here's why.

Imagine pop music comfortably interjecting monotonous 'br00tal' screaming and stupefying one chord breakdowns that seem to arrive and leave out of nowhere with no consideration for whether it's a sensible timing to have a breakdown or not. Then imagine a crazy amount of electronic music embedded into the mix, whether in the form of dubstep, eurodance, or simple techno. Then throw in a hip-hop passage and you pretty much have the title track "Infamous", and you've got a bullet point summary of everything that is wrong with modern scene music summed up into a single track. It's cringeworthy at best, inducing suicidal tendencies at worst. To add insult to injury, they've made everything sound epic through echoing production, and virtually every single vocal passage whether screamed or clean has been subject to intense electronic manipulation. It's about as fake as music comes.

When your scenecore post-hardcore song turns from a generic breakdown into a club anthem, there's something very, very wrong with your idea of what is good music. I mean seriously, what the FUCK is this shit? Take a listen to "Less Than Love", for instance, which sounds like any cheesy pop anthem you hear at the European mega clubs where people are too drunk/on drugs to really listen to what's happening in the music. When that is combined with a crushing breakdown that interrupts the flow of the song in every imaginable way possible, there are only two words available to describe this insanity: fucking retarded.

Let me say these final words before leaving you with my final advice on what to do with "Infamous". If you like this, you don't really like music. You don't know anything about music. Arguing otherwise just makes you look stupid, and you'll realize that in about five years when you've grown out of puberty. As for the solution: kill it with fire. And in the absence of fire, people have been known to say that the pen is mightier than the sword.


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For the fans of: Attack Attack!, I Set My Friends On Fire, That's Outrageous, Make Me Famous
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Release date 03.07.2012
Universal Music / Rise Records

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