Some Of Us Never Die

Some Day, Brother EP

Written by: PP on 03/10/2012 03:02:07

Some Of Us Never Die are an emo/post-hardcore group from London who source their inspiration from the older bands in the genre instead of the generic Rise Records-era bands on their latest EP "Some Day, Brother". The four tracks on offer here namely channel ideas and influences from bands like Funeral For A Friend - their early records in particular - but without decidedly copying the sound completely. For example, sections that normally are screamed on modern records instead feature some harsher, restrained clean vocals that almost break into screaming but not quite, and the more melodic singing never strays into high-pitch territory either.

That leads into a post-hardcore sound that feels like it's thinking slightly outside of the box, even though sparkling scales and powerful choruses are still a huge part of the ordeal. And within that soundscape, the band packs a couple of decent melodies that suggest they have some potential, and helps to explain why they've been supporting bigger and bigger bands as of late. However, the record's full effect is hindered by an amateurish production that could definitely use some polish, because as it stands now, many songs feel too unfinished and lacking in proper detail to impress the listener thoroughly. Both "Wolves" and closing track "Twenty-Seven Floods" could certainly benefit from a better mix that would hone the semi-scratchy vocals a bit and make the instruments stand out properly. Until they fix the production, their brand of post-hardcore won't reach its full potential.


Download: Wolves
For the fans of: Funeral For A Friend, Behind Crimson Eyes, Shadows Chasing Ghosts
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Release date 02.03.2012

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