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Hardcore is one of the genres that has witnessed, especially during the last years, a great evolution. Even if you don't follow trends or are not a fan, you will definitely see that nowadays almost half of the bands out there have something to do with "core". Is it because of the pride, mutual respect and the HC codex in general? Or maybe the will to pour ouy the extra energy gained during long stretches in front of the computer? I don't know, but a big percentage of the "fresh blood" that comprises the musicians today delve into hardcore, tossing and turning – which eventually leads to new sub-genres – some more successful than others.

Today I present you with the debut release of Sofia-based hardcore youngsters Painstate that have found their niche and are digging deep to go high. With defined positivity through all six songs of their self-titled first album, the band makes a serious statement towards the Bulgarian hardcore scene. Holding back no energy the quartet's effort goes gracefully through slow-melodic and sincere parts up to heavy breakdowns that split the crowd into a moshpit. And the result can be non other! With heroes such as Stick To Your Guns and Parkway Drive, the band's sole purpose is to exchange energy with the crowd! With enthusiasm, open heart and rawness of the sound that each underground musician possess, Painstate are taking small but solid footsteps towards a wider and truer audience.

Short but concrete the six songs on the record expand the bright ideas of the band and morph them into a steady flow. In the mix you can hear acoustic guitars, slow heavily distorted chops and nicely arranged melodies that seem to fit right in with the band's sound. Surely there is also a connection lyric-wise as well, looking at the titles and lyrics of the band. For all the non-Bulgarian speakers, you must know that behind the growls and screams frontman Ventsi addresses personal issues, friendship and society problems.

So is this debut a genuine one? Or will it be another slow "breakdown-ish" descend from hardcore scene? My answer: Ima nadejda (There is hope)!


Download: Angel, Nameri Me(Find me), Ima nadejda(There is hope)
For The Fans Of: Stick To Your Guns, Parkway Drive
Listen: Facebook

Release Date 30.09.2012
Self released

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