Born Of Sirius EP

Written by: PP on 26/09/2012 22:47:43

Imminence are a five-piece metalcore band from Trelleborg, Sweden, who were among a few other upcoming bands selected to play at this year's Metal Town festival. Listening to their latest EP "Born Of Sirius" it's easy to see why: the band play the genre mostly right, starting from the generic breakdowns to the solid screaming and the occasional dynamic riff, which are contrasted by deathcore-ish passages for good measure. There's a nuanced backdrop of melody attached to most of the songs, which takes them away from the genericore territory into something more interesting, though clean singing is wholly avoided throughout the EP.

It's nothing new, and recalls most modern metalcore bands in one way or another, despite the band's ridiculous attempts at labeling their music as 'post-melodic metalcore' in an attempt to stick out from the masses. That, by the way, is going to be Imminence's biggest problem: while "The Deceiver" has a solid melody line that'll impress upon first listen, it's one that we've heard to so many times over the past decade that it won't help elevate Imminence away from obscurity. Basically, "Born Of Sirius" is an altogether decent four track EP, but it lacks the highlights or the one song bordering brilliance that'd make it stand out in an extremely crowded genre. Let's see what they come up with in the future.

Download: The Deceiver
For the fans of: Walking With Strangers, August Burns Red, Caliban
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Release date 08.04.2012

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