A Constant Loss Departs From The Sentiment Of The Abandoned

Written by: PP on 24/09/2012 15:07:00

These days the media picture we get of Greece is a bleak one: a country unable to pay its debts, a country that has been living beyond its means for a while now. But not all news needs to be miserable about the country, as Calf have shown on their four track, 34 minute effort "A Constant Loss Departs From The Sentiment Of The Abandoned".

Essentially, this is a post-rock record with a noisy background consisting of tremolo guitars and crescending melodies that soar across the soundscape into a cacophony of instrumental wonder. The opening title track, for instance, starts off as slow and beautiful, and then gets louder and louder as the track approaches its ten minute mark, eventually crashing into a bombastic soundscape that at least in this scribe's ears, feels analogous to the course of the Greek debt crisis in the form of the song, even if that's unintentionally so.

That's pretty much the name of the game throughout the record, where 34 minutes is split into four lengthy tracks that explore a wide array of different soundscapes both soft and harsh within the realm of post-rock and noise. It's an interesting composition but necessarily requires you to appreciate the genre fully, so this is no transition or stepping-stone record for sure.


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Release date xx.xx.2011
Noteale Records

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