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Failsafe were long predicted to be the next big thing from the underground UK rock/alternative scene, thanks to their crazily energetic live shows where guitars and members flying all over the place in a style that almost resembles Dillinger Escape Plan, that completely defies their otherwise poppy and melodic songwriting. I should know; they blew me away back in 2006 when I caught them in a live show by accident, although I've been a bad fan since then and haven't really checked out their material properly. It turns out they've reached their third studio album with the release of "Routines", and while it isn't the record that'll propel them into the mainstream, it's one that underlines the solid, emotionally charged songwriting that these guys have always been known for.

Basically, they sound a great deal like Anberlin, Hyland, et al, who specialize in the emotive alternative rock sound with catchy hooks, soaring vocal melodies, and good chorus harmonies leading the way. Opener "The Persistence Of Memory" sets the path with a good, almost aggressive sound that balances raw guitars with memorable vocal melodies and generally good songwriting overall. From here on, it's almost as if the band is on autopilot writing these type of songs just like Anberlin, which means they're always reasonably good, but never really that great. Of course you have the odd highlight track like "Skin And Bones", which is so mad catchy it just can't be ignored, but otherwise they write consistently enjoyable alternative rock with emotionally anguished vocals that to some may come across as a little whiny.

So if you're into big hooks and melodic singing served on an emotive alternative rock platform, then you should consider obtaining "Routines" as a part of your collection. It'll fit nicely right in between your Armor For Sleep and Punchline records as a bridge between the former's super-emo and the latter's more pop-punk oriented approach to alternative rock.


Download: The Persistence Of Memory, Skin And Bones, Sleepwalkers
For the fans of: Anberlin, Hyland, There For Tomorrow, Punchline
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Release date 03.04.2012
Cardboard Empire

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