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Someone That's Not You EP

Written by: RB on 14/09/2012 15:42:52

Pop Punk is one of those genres that hasn't really changed over the past decade. It still has the same power chords being played over and over again, in slightly different variations and the same structure that doesn't get old. Maybe this is why I Call Fives seem like a band that has been around longer then six years. They've picked up on what existing bands are trying to do with the current scene, and taken it back to it's roots of being single, hanging with bros and generally calling out the girls that have pissed them off. On first listen "Someone That's Not You" has taken a lot of influence of bands such of New Found Glory, Bowling For Soup, Blink-182, etc but once when you've emerged yourself, you get to realise that they are longing to create their own path within the genre.

The title track has a slight resemblance of New Found Glory, with lyrics that tackle relationships and life problems and backed up by melodic riffs and drums that bounce out of the speakers. The shouting vocals give the song a hardcore feel, and show the listener that I Call Fives don't want to be seen as a band that only play Pop Punk. Even though it makes them come across more New Found Glory-esque, and makes the track seem that it should be placed on "Catalyst". Second track Backup Plan feels like a classic Pop Punk track. With offshooting riffs that add a sense of rhythm to the track and shows off the creativity of the band. It's not until the breakdown that the track comes into its own, with a mixture of gang vocals and heavy guitars help provide a decent break from Jeff Todds' generic vocals.

Like most 4 track EP's an acoustic track is vital and I Call Fives doesn't disappoint with the track "Lakeview". It's a simple song that could easily be used on a teen drama or on a classic scene of a Rom-Com where the guy messes up with the girl and they have a montage of the beautiful times they spent together. It's a clichéd song, but that's what makes it work on this EP. It's a nice little break to slow everything down after two fast paced tracks, it fits in and doesn't feel like they felt that they needed to bring in an acoustic song because everyone else does.

The final track of "Someone That's Not You" is where the EP falters a bit. It's still catchy as anything but lyrically it feels lazy and not as well put together as the first 2 tracks of the EP. It's mid tempo song that should have been placed in the middle part of this EP. It's a shame because if either of the first two tracks closed "Someone That's Not You" then it would have closed on a high note, but this song sadly let's it down. Jeff Todd's vocals, even though have been decent throughout, feels a bit flat and he drags out every syllable he sings to try and grab the listeners attention. Which sadly doesn't work and you find yourself wondering off.

"Someone That's Not You" is a decent effort from the I Call Fives boys, and a good introduction to new vocalist Jeff Todd. Their growing fan base shows that these lads have something going for them and presenting new fans to the old ways of Pop Punk may see a surge in bands jumping on the bandwagon. Which isn't always a bad thing, especially if you were to witness it in the early 00's which brought some of the biggest band of the genre to the mainstream.

To quote Soupy from The Wonder Years "Watching my heroes turn human in front of me", I hope this rings true to I Call Fives and they make it onto every awkward teenagers Ipod across the globe.


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For the fans of: New Found Glory, Blink-182
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Release date 20.03.2012
Pure Noise Records

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