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Premonition EP

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Rapid Dominance from Silkeborg, Denmark have been receiving all sorts of attention in the bigger Danish magazines (even on TV2) because of their background. The band's guitarist/vocalist Adel Haley is originally from Iraq, having arrived in Denmark in 2008 from his war-torn homeland where he had been a firsthand witness to the atrocities of war, and has since joined the local music scene here by teaming up with a bunch of Danes to form Rapid Dominance, a death metal band. Now that's what we like to see, immediate participation in the Nordic heavy metal culture, despite coming from an area where the style has not been traditionally well represented.

"Premonition" EP is their sophomore release that follows a demo that was moderately well-received by the underground press. It's a record where thrash and death metal meet at crossroads, although the latter is the primary focus here. More specifically, death metal as inspired by the almighty Death, whose track "Spirit Crusher" has found its way as a well-executed cover on this record. Otherwise, the EP's full of technical solos, brutal serpentine riffs, standard death metal growls, and all the rage you've come to expect in the genre. Indeed, Rapid Dominance do a good job in translating their Death influence into a fully fledged death metal sound throughout the record.

One thing's missing though, and that's identity. We've heard this type of material from probably hundreds if not thousands of bands before, so just knowing how to play your riffs and make them sound catchy (relative term of course) isn't necessarily enough to make an impact. But songs like "Inheritance Of Suffering" and "To Die A Martyr" are well-composed, suggesting that perhaps we should keep an eye on the development of Rapid Dominance in the future, too.


Download: To Die A Martyr
For the fans of: Death, Sepultura, standard death metal
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Release date 06.02.2012

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