The Seas

A Separation

Written by: AZ on 30/07/2012 22:54:32

Damn, I feel good tonight! Is it because of the coziness that the dim light in my room provides? Is it the full moon shining bright outside? Or maybe it is the fine glass of red wine that I had not so long ago? Could be, but I'd definitely go with the sweet melodies coming from the speakers - courtesy of The Seas.

Founded in the not so distant past – December 2008 – the four-piece rock/metal band from Southeastern Kentucky, USA is one of these musical phenomena that you wouldn't expect to find on a late Monday but you're always cherishing you did. Representing a Tool-ish mix of raw, emotional, sentimental, clean, “djenty” and mainly original music, British-native innovators definitely leave a mark on the ear of even the pickiest listeners. As if aiming directly for the stars Rick(Drums/Electronics), Jeremy(Bass), Sliter(Vocals) and LocO(Guitars) release “A Separation” making a statement to all the people with a taste for the extraordinary.

Just like falling into a deep sleep, drowning in a the darkness of eternal serenity the band closes our eyes, leaving only our ears open for what is about to come with the intro “You're the one we've been waiting for...” and the powerful “Judas”. And just like that all the emotions that this out of space music brings, fills you from the inside. Happiness, fear, anger, pain – everything falls into place while, everything makes sense when you're listening to the album. The main reason is the voice! Simple, yet strong, the sensation that Sliter's voice brings to the songs is unique. Taking into account the instrumental help he gets from his band mates and the smart compositions that the band stands out with leave the listener with the will to lay down, watch at the clear night sky and dream while being awake. It is that strong! With a quality production that takes the songs to the next level, the otherwise honest and fragile songs get to the ears of all the people listening as a cry for awaking of the spirit, of the soul.

With these sounds of surrounding my head I fixate myself on thoughts about life, living and moments worth sharing with friends. Yup, this music is timeless, so if you believe me then dive into it and experience the “The Seas” on your own.


Download: You're the one we've been waiting for..., Judas, The Great Wave
For The Fans Of: Tool, A Perfect Circle
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Release Date 30.08.2011

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