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Downtown Struts have long been the spiel of Chicago when it comes to the most exciting bands from the city, thanks to their free-for-all, laid back approach to writing old school punk-inspired alternative rock tunes. "Victoria!" is basically their opening to the larger national and international scene, a mission statement of a punk rock band that's not afraid to break away from the standards of the genre for a more accomplished and a more structured sound.

Where Gaslight Anthem (whom Downtown Struts reference on several occasions) draw their main inspiration from Americana-inspired punk rock-based on Bruce Springsteen material, Downtown Struts avoid that concept mostly by recalling material you might have heard on a Social Distortion album or even on a record by The Clash, while also mish-mashing in more modern, Midwestern punk influence a la Dillinger Four. Where a song like "Lost In America" channels the latter band, "Rocca Ave" and others are simply anthemic, yet easy-going, relaxed punk rock songs that underline the reason why Downtown Struts are so popular in their local scene at the moment. Indeed, the solid, ringing melodies, that aren't always immediately catchy but provide plenty of depth, suggest that Downtown Struts should be a much, much bigger band than they are.

Especially songs like "Lost In America", "Mexican Graffiti", "Tim", and "Anchor" are essentially key examples of how easy it is to like Downtown Struts. These are fun, light-hearted songs that trust more on the sing along than on the guitar riff or intricate instrumentation. And you know what? Sometimes a feel-good sing along according to some basic Midwestern punk/alternative standards is exactly what you need to have a good time. "Victoria!" excels at that without reaching too far into any of the scenes it so clearly references.

Download: Lost In America, Mexican Graffiti, Tim, Anchor, Rogues
For the fans of: Social Distortion, The Clash, The Gaslight Anthem (old), The Flatliners, Dead To Me
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Release date 15.05.2012
Pirates Press Records

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