Motion City Soundtrack

Commit This To Memory

Written by: PP on 31/05/2005 18:56:44

Motion City Soundtrack's sophomore album doesn't differ much from other pop punk bands out there, except for their ecstatic keyboard in their sound. But lets be honest here, pop punk is quite an overwhelming genre. Pretty much everything has been tried out before so every band is basically forced to re-invent the wheel. "Commit This To Memory" is no exception from the rule. It kicks off with the glad, semi-fast "Attractive Today" which will draw a smile on anyone's face even on the rainiest day of the year, followed closely by the best song on the album "Everything Is Alright", which generates roughly the same effect as the opener. The album is full of great tracks like these two, but unfortunately the two finishing songs "Hangman" and "Hold Me Down" pull down the grade with one figure. They're too slow, and too acoustic to fit in with the rest of the songs on the album.


Download: Everything Is Alright, When You're Around

For the fans of: The Fight, Fall Out Boy

Release date 07.06.2005


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