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If We May? EP

Written by: PP on 22/06/2012 06:38:53

Paper Tigers is the name of an indie rock band from Copenhagen that claims Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, and Oasis as their main influences on their Facebook page. That's actually a fairly accurate description of how they sound like, as their indie/alternative rock approach relies heavily on the Brit rock tunes of Oasis, but with a definite throwback to the 60s and 70s legends even if just as slight undertones in the mix. "If We May?" is their debut EP and one that follows their title of winning the best rock band award at Underground Music Awards last year, so I guess all Danes (and beyond) should be paying attention at this point.

Basically, "If We May?" is a fairly standard indie/rock release except for one thing: it's rather convincing in its interpretation of especially Oasis. Few bands are able to successfully emulate the whiny wails of the Gallagher Brothers without sounding like clones, and that's something Paper Tigers do very well here. They steer clear from being a clone band with the inclusion of the 60s/70s influence in the form of the occasional bluesy part or a definite rock'n'roll sequence from the old days, and in fact position themselves perfectly in the middle of a sound triangle consisting of all three aforementioned names.

If there's one issue I have with the album it should be with the ultra poppy opener "The Avalanche", which is the only point during the five track EP (+ outro) where I feel like the band don't sound very interesting. Otherwise, their songs are very well-formed in a genre that's saturated by soulless clones and soundalikes, so it's no wonder these guys won the rock award last year. For a taste of the late 90s/early 2000s Brit rock interpreted through a Danish indie rock platform, look no further than Paper Tigers.


Download: Cruelest Enemy,
For the fans of: Oasis, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Rival Sons
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Release date 13.02.2012

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