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Here's a release that took me completely by surprise: "Athaletics", the debut album by the Gainesville, Florida based Wavelets. Nope, they're not a orgcore / beard punk band despite their origins in the Hot Water Music / The Fest dominated city, but they draw just enough from punk rock energy into their mathy mixture of indie rock and emo to make their expression stick out on the first listen. Much like Grown Ups, Castevet, Rooftops and Damiera before them, they rely heavily on light, interjecting guitars that traverse in weird scales and odd melodies, but always sound curious and quirky in the process.

But if the guitars are good, then the vocalist is absolutely brilliant. He owns one of those nicely coarse voices that's jam-packed with emotion that spills over his raw, rough-around-the-edges type of delivery, which makes him the star of this show. His constant musical references to the original emo legends from the 90s are juxtaposed with a modern, almost bright and summery singing style, that never goes too far into pop to be bothersome, but integrates just enough from all aforementioned styles to come across as unique. There's an instant sense of familiarity to his vocal work, best exemplified by the quiet "Tailfoot", which despite its slow tempo manages to sound explosive in precisely right moments to make it sound explosive and unpredictable in the best way.

Elsewhere, the high tempo of songs like "Kelly Hewitt Loves Waterworld" makes the math rock guitars a great listen, and when you paste on top of the emotionally charged barks and yells of their vocalist, as well as the small gang-shouted passages that rise their head on occasion, you have a solid release in your hands. If you've ever liked any of the bands mentioned in this review, then get "Athaletics", a record that arguably triumphs the other releases through its thoroughly honest and convincing sound.


Download: We're Really Jazzed About The Gig, Julio Won't Get Out Of The Car, Tailfoot, Kelly Hewitt Loves Waterworld
For the fans of: Grown Ups, Castevet, Everyone Everywhere, Damiera, Rooftops
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Release date 10.01.2012
Tiny Engines

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