The Contaminated Void

Written by: PP on 20/12/2006 18:10:38

It's refreshing to get something else than grindcore from Relapse for once, even if Sweden's Coldworker sound more than just slightly influenced by the genre. The insanely fast blast beats, razorsharp guitar grinds and a vocalist with a monstrously low voice are all there, but fortunately "The Contaminated Void" has more in the bag than just that.

Truth be told, the ordinary listener won't get much out of "The Contaminated Void", because the grandeur of the songs is hidden well inside and to the untrained ear it might just sound like sheer noise, and the first thought popping into mind might be something along the lines of 'please direct their vocalist to the nearest mental hospital'. But Coldworker is so much more than that, if you're patient enough.

The dazzling harsh melodies that have been embedded inside the powerful, raw guitar textures come as a no surprise considering the bands origin. Swedish death metal influences can be heard everywhere on the album, it's that strangely atmospheric twin-guitar mastery that peaks here and there, without ever blocking the way from the remorseless destruction known from pure death metal. The grinding riffs guarantee to give you a headache before long, so the occasional melody that's attached to the breakneck speed delivery is only relieving to the listener.

The ongoing chaos throughout the album is impressive. The instruments revolt against the norms and continuously chase chords and melodies out of the ordinary - just check out "They Crawl Inside Me Uninvited" - while being heavily down-tuned and distorted. At strangely melodic, largely chaotic, Coldworker isn't for everyone, but those holding death metal close to their heart can find a damn good album in "The Contaminated Void".

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Release date 06.11.2006
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