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Written by: TL on 05/06/2012 12:23:03

Equal Vision Records is one of my favourite labels, and their 2011 signing I The Mighty is a band I've been wanting to review ever since I heard of them joining the label. The only problem has been that I was initially unable to find a decent digital copy of their first EP for the label, "Karma Never Sleeps", when it was released back in March (because in my world, buying anything on itunes is not an option). So I went off concentrating on other things for a little while, but now I've come back and listened to "Karma Never Sleeps" for a good week or so, and this here is what I have to write about it:

Firstly, if you're familiar with Equal Vision, it will come as no surprise to you that I The Mighty are not too different from the average band booked by this label. Theirs is an experimental rock sound, incorporating equal measures of elements from both alternative rock and post-hardcore, yet not fitting neatly under either term. Their songs twist and turn with a level of ambition that seems to be a requirement to get signed to EV, yet are still catchy and engaging enough to enjoy without the necessity of locking yourself in a dark room and listening over and over. There's a poppy edge to the sound, yet the lyrical content seems serious and thoughtful enough, though never getting as introspective and sentimental as is custom in the emo genre, which many would probably rush to drop I The Mighty in mistakingly, due to the sharp, high vocals of frontman Brent Walsh.

The EP offers six tracks, none of which reveal much in the way of the weaknesses you would normally expect from a band that only has EP's to their name so far. Each has at least one or two infectious bits to welcome you back on repeat listens, yet it's also clear that while half the six are good, the other half are comparatively great. First among the latter three is first single "Cutting Room Floor", which showcases some of the essentials for a standout track, making an exhilarating jump from intriguing verse to stormful chorus, and the ridiculously hard to sing falsetto pre-chorus that comes after the second verse is sure to send chills down your spine each time you hear it. Of note are also opener "The Dreamer" and closer "Escalators", both of which repeat the band's knack for excellent verse melodies, and though neither rise to their choruses as elegantly as "Cutting Room Floor", they make up for it in other ways, see for instance the way "Escalators" ends with a refrain that's just dying to have you shouting along.

Generally I'll say that "Karma Never Sleeps" is an excellent production and a fine composition for a relatively young band. In fact, the only area I'd recommend looking into is really just the tricky transition from verse to chorus, for while "Cutting Room Floor" does excellently in this department, "The Dreamer"'s slightly straight forward cry of "YEeeeeeeeeaAAAAHHHH" does take some getting used to. Still, when you listen to this, it's hard not to understand why EV found the band promising enough to sign, because for a second EP, this is streets ahead of the average ones that usually pass over our desks here at Rockfreaks.net.


Download: Cutting Room Floor, Escalators, The Dreamer
For The Fans Of: Common Crooks, Pierce The Veil, Closure In Moscow, Conditions, Circa Survive, Icarus The Owl,
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Release Date 27.03.2012
Equal Vision

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